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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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#176 Old 7th Jun 2018 at 12:40 PM
Yeah, my Sims usually do pretty well.
I tend to make then struggle a bit (bigger bills, etc.) because I feel the vanilla game is just too easy. But my playstyle is focused on trying to make them happy (high motives, then fullfilling wants, then working towards LTW) so most of them are successful in their own way.
Some families have money problems (the Dukrarn-Walker family is certainly broke), love drama appears here and there (not much lately I think), little things happen, but overall they are all happy with their lives.

My relationship with CC works the other way.
I hesitate a lot before I add something, and usually fills some gap that needs to be filled, so I've never actually had a lot.
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#177 Old 9th Jun 2018 at 9:27 PM
Default Rotation #09d
For some reason I can't log into modyourpanties.com so I'm attaching the pics to this post and hoping it works.

Lately I always start my rotations with the college students, so those who graduate can be moved directly into the main hood.
The one who graduated in this rotation was Disarp White-Entayta, and he rented an apartment right away.

He was engaged to Regina Sell (a very unpopular townie) and he decided that there was no reason to wait anymore, so they got married asap.
She grew up into adulthood as well and they had a little nice wedding party - all his family was invited.

I'm hoping for their happiness and for lots of little green babies

Trod and Cassius are still in college, doing fairly well, and they took in two new roommates: Jonas (Cassius' brother) and Lucy.
Jonas is still adapting to college life, but Lucy is already in flirt mode - lots of guys to meet and date

In the meantime, Lucy's mother decided to move on.
After Steve's death she was in no hurry to get into another serious relationship, but now that Lucy is not around anymore she's feeling a bit lonely. She has been involved with their roommate Blair, and, well, she decided that maybe it was time to propose.

More about marriages!
Eleanor Walker finally moved out of the crappy apartment and rented a really great one, slightly luxurious and expensive for her income. But, of course, she had in mind marrying Quentin and hoping for him to bring some money.

Her family was invited to the party and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards Eleanor decided to have her own private party and go out for dinner with some (male) friends. That's the way she is.
In the meantime Quentin almost dies! *gasp*

Wasn't that enough? Well, whenever she got the chance to sneak out (while I was playing other households I mean) she dated other men. Married men. Such as Derrick Lowe or Christopher Walton.
That's married life for Eleanor!

Not the only flirty one who got married in this rotation. Vilma Zadra-Atkins was pregnant and had twins. Twins! (Both human-looking btw.)
That was too much hassle for her. Ok, expecting a baby was already a lot on her plate, but two...
So she proposed to their father, Derek Wilsonoff, and got married right away. Yes, that was fast, very fast, and no party was involved and family was not invited... but there was no time, and so many diapers to change!

And that's all about marriages. Let's talk now about business.
Arvian Zadra (Vilma's father btw) bought a little shop in town so he could sell pottery he crafts.

Most of the user-run businesses are those that came with the maxis subhood.
The Martinez family had a great running business and got a good review, but their employee strongly disagreed and quit.

Despite quitting, the very same employee offered discounts to the Tinker family (who btw have a crappy business and they are considering to make radical changes).

Back to the main hood, where pretty much everything happens.
Did I mention that Quentin (Eleanor's husband) lived in the Heritage Manor - run by her brother?
Well, now that he left a new resident moved in. And who is that? Neil, Eleanor's former roommate who has a crush on her! This is an small world.

Love is in the air, everywhere you look around. Or so they say.
Vrodde Entayta-Gorge seems to be very interested in Jappung Daeli-Jobs. He's also a very good friend of Celeste Mace, and you never know when friendship becomes something else...

Celeste is quite the flirty type, and she's already involved with Innah Dukrarn-Walker (quite a rude guy, if you don't mind me saying so, but Celeste knows how to handle him).

Btw Innah's brother Sannhim has grown up - now a teen - and seems to be quite a family guy, already taking care (autonomosly) of his little sister Lena who also grew up - now a toddler.

And now onto the bad news.
Alon Raymond (Laern's husband) endured a terrible day, taking care of the twins with the help of his mother-in-law Haern. At the end of the day his motives were quite low.
His late father-in-law (whom he never actually met in life) kept visiting and scaring the hell out of him all the night long. Again and again.
He reached the desperation status, at which point he would not eat even if food was right in front of him, he would not sleep even if in bed... and eventually he died.
Which leaves Laern a widow...

Alon's death was the most tragic one but not the only one. Lorna Mayhew finished her time - but she lived a full and quite happy life.
I'm wondering what will her husband Vaklin do without her. Find another love and remarry? Move with her daughter Klaav?

Also the Freeman's dog died too. This has way less implications, but I took a pic too.

I'll finish with some random pics.
One is Martha Smithers, who met some supernaturals (vampire, a witch behind) and the first topic she thinks about is... fried eggs?

Also some kids playing, which was cute

Also I've decided to tweak a bit my personal challenge, hehe.
I've twonified a funky colored skintone (the dark pink here) and I'll be discounting 100 points per townie generated this way.
Since I have 200+ points I guess I'll remove it from my folders as soon as 2 pinkish townies are generated - I'll check at the end of the rotation.
Let's see what happens!
#178 Old 10th Jun 2018 at 7:32 AM
[QUOTE=Amura]For some reason I can't log into modyourpanties.com so I'm attaching the pics to this post and hoping it works.

@Amura Hi Hi.

MYP is just up to serve the pictures that were already uploaded. The Server that used to support MYP died a horrible death and the database of pictures was re-uploaded, but the login and uploading of pictures is no longer supported. It is not certain when or whether that feature will return.

I love your pictures and the story that goes with each of your Sims.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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#179 Old 10th Jun 2018 at 11:33 AM
Oh, I had no idea. Bad news.
It was a great service, I'm sure I'll miss it if it does not return, but I understand that it must be hard to mantain.
#180 Old 10th Jun 2018 at 12:19 PM
I like to follow on your sims lives
Even with my horrible memory

I build small houses *^*
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#181 Old 14th Jun 2018 at 8:54 PM
Thank you, Onaya.
I have a hard time keeping up myself - so I'm amazed that you get to follow my stories at all :D

Btw I think I mentioned I townified a funky skintone. Well, now I have a pink college professor xD
I'm attaching a picture, hehe.
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