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Nysha's New Creators for March - posted on 1st Apr 2018 at 8:00 AM
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The shadow of organized crime has finally been lifted from my Beginning of Pleasantview neighborhood. Woodrow Bucingham got himself super powers while assisting his wife, Beatrice (née Crumplebotom) with one of her experiments, became a Captain Hero and single-highhandedly brought the whole Landgraab-King crime syndicate to justice, who had been responsible for the death of his twin sister, Margaret Buckingham-Landgraab and the financial ruination of his father. Not only are all Sims of Pleasantview and its surrounding communities able to feel much safer, but this also brought about a whole chain reaction of other changes;

-Obviously Gordon King (a Cas Sim, supposed to be the ancestor of the burglar from standard Pleasantview), Malcolm II Landgraab, and Gordon's right-hand man, Sam Ward got life-long jail sentences (not sure if I have set up the prison system correctly, still need to test further)
-With her family's crimes exposed Nancy Landgraab-King's acting career was ruined and she lost all her fortune. She and her sons (Nigel and Roger) had to relocate to a small, derelict house in Downtown. The stress of these changes has even caused Nancy's famous red hair to go prematurely grew and become lank and brittle.
-Johnny Zest, the brother of Malcolm Landgraab III (deceased) and Nancy, can now stop hiding in that trailer park in the desert, he could even re-adopt his original family name, but will probably opt against it. Likewise Aaron Charming, a former henchmen of the Landgrrabs can stop dyeing his hair and fear for his life, he has now joined the Police Force.
-Malcolm Landgraab IV, still a toddler, is left in the care of a life-in nanny for now, who has been his caretaker since the death of his parents. All the money from the Landgraab's legitimate businesses went to him, but it's still unsure what is now going to happen to him.
- The Landgraabs and Kings had most of their property in Bluewater Village confiscated. The city decided use the land to construct low-income houses with special loan programs and tax benefits for Sims who want to start their own businesses. So far the families Jeffres, Jaquet, Tinker and Zarubin have taken advantage of this program, with two further families, the Ramirez and the Mendozas rumored to follow soon. The city council hopes that in time, Bluewater Village will raise above its shady past as a mafia possession and become a thriving commercial district.
-The King Mansion itself was supposed to be demolished, but was instead bought by rock musician Plato Wolff. who is currently remodeling it into a home for himself and his family.
-His quest to destroy the King-Landgraab syndicate at an end, Woodrow Buckingham settled down in a very beautiful house also located in Bluewater Village. But he won't give up his position as super hero just yet...after all with super heroes about it's just a matter of time until super villains show up...dun dun dunnnnn...

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#3178 Old Today at 12:09 AM
Originally Posted by Mspigglypooh
And General Buzz invited his enemy, Pollination, over and is holding him captive in one of his room until he sees his demise.

Nooo, my poor baby! He has done nothing wrong! Unless we count that time he married his daughters' half sister? That was weird. But still, PT9 is adorable!

In this house, we respect and treasure all Pleasantview, Veronaville and Strangetown pre-mades. Is that clear?

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