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#3926 Old 14th Jan 2019 at 1:22 PM
This last week up until day, I have made good progress in Veronaville. I play the Capps and Consort passed away from old age, while everyone else did well. One Sims was glad that he was gone and that was Bianca Monty Capp, who married into the family. Bianca had a child by one of my Aliens and she named him Séamus. Bianca managed to have another two children, Brenda and Brooke, this time by her husband and she is sending her children, now teens off to University. Patrizio and Isabella managed to have one more child before their old age, and now their child is a teen and they and the all of the teens in the household, Séamus {Scorpio}, Brenda {Scorpio}, Brooke {Gemini}, and Ronaldo {Scorpio} are off to University.

Then I went to the Monty household and played them and there were babies! After several fun sessions of me playing them, they sent their teens, Aldo {Aries}, Avelina {Libra}, Gina {Turus}, and Isolde {Gemini} off to University as well. I thought it was worthy of note that Ronaldo Capp likes Isolde and Gina. Maybe there is a match there?

The we come to the household I am currently playing, The Beare Household is made up of Dubhghlas Beare, who is an Alien Hybrid belonging to the FitzHugh Clan of Strangetown, Diana Beare wife and Beverly F Beare wife, and Cathal J FitzHugh {Alien Hybrid} and Barbara E FitzHugh his wife. Cathal J has just moved in recently and has no children at this point. Dubhghlas has had three sons, Bran {Aries green skin}, Caradog {Aries}, and Manawydan {Aries green skin} all of which are teens and all of them are going to University soon. Bran had a Party and he had the Capp and Monty girls there, and during the party Avalina made it clear that she thinks Bran is hot by kissing him impulsively. {Note I don't play with ACR} So I guess that it might be Bran and Avalina instead of Bran and Isolde like I was thinking might happen. Caradog is thinking of making a match with Brooke Capp after she liked his moves on her at the party and Manawydan is thinking Gina is maybe a good match for him.

So maybe Ronaldo will have a clear shot at Isolde Monty as the soon to be infamous Beare Brothers have picked someone?

Séamus and his half sisters Brenda and Brooke are still not matched with anyone. Likewise Brooke and Brenda's cousins Ronaldo Capp and Aldo Monty. So maybe then some of the other Aliens in Veronaville that I haven't played yet will have someone that these Sims will have a 3 Bolt thing with?

Note: Every Match my Sims make always has 3 bolts.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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