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2018 Calendar Contest Winners - posted on 10th Jan 2018 at 5:38 PM
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#2801 Old Yesterday at 11:16 AM
Wannabe Mayor Garance Bureau-Lagrange is pregnant again... with twins.
She already have eight kids and she's not a Family sim.
Test Subject
#2802 Old Yesterday at 9:20 PM
So, I was playing the Pleasants for a while in my uberhood, and they really went full on soap opera this time around!! By this point, Daniel and Mary-Sue have already broken up, with Daniel living in Don's old bachelor pad and Mary-Sue continuing to live with the twins in their old house. Daniel is still upset over getting caught cheating and tries to come over to do the whole furious sim thing, stealing their newspaper and knocking over a few trashcans and all- but I was getting sick of having to deal with that so I had him and Mary-Sue apologize (with the more useful apologies mod installed), but one thing led to another and while I was busy checking up on the teens, ACR decided it was the perfect time for them to have some makeup woohoo!! Still, it was ACR, so their relationship was still neutral despite having pretty high chemistry. I wasn't planning on getting them back together, and definitely won't after what happens later on!

The next morning, I look up to Angela's room, wondering why she hasn't come down for breakfast, only to find she was passed out from heatstroke in her room and about to starve to death!! I get Lilith (who had been up all night practicing her bass and really only just went to bed) to wake up, rush over and douse her sister before she could die. Their relationship is still pretty strained at this point, so before Angela could properly thank her or was even conscious enough to realize what happened, Lilith had rushed off to eat some toaster pastries.

Sooooo.......after breakfast, the phone rings, and it's Mr. Big!! I don't remember him ever interacting with the family at all before, but he wanted to talk to Mary-Sue. Even on the phone, it showed on the relationship panel that she and Mr. Big were triple-bolters, and, well, this just felt like a perfect opportunity for her! Their huge house isn't exactly affordable to live in with one income(ish- the teen jobs don't really pay enough to count), and they're starting to run out of objects they're willing to part with to keep up with the bills. So you can imagine I was excited to find that Mary-Sue and Mr. Big were already at 100 STR by the time their phone conversation was over (I may have used motive cheats to keep her social low enough to lengthen the time on the phone, but still!)!!

I get Mary-Sue to finish up her breakfast, gussy up, and ask Mr. Big out on a date, and guess who's there- Dina Caliente!! Dina looks pretty distraught when she sees Mary-Sue and her date. Maybe she's having second thoughts about getting engaged to Mortimer after seeing Mr. Big?? Maybe they've met before??? Either way, the date goes on pretty smoothly and I was even planning on having Mary-Sue introduce Dina to Mr. Big, but while she's paying the bill, they start talking and joking around on their own!! Nothing much comes out of it......at least, not for now. Throughout the date, I couldn't help but notice how much of a tool Mr. Big was, with all his primping and bragging. Having zero nice points will do that to a guy, I guess. Mary-Sue didn't seem to mind at all, though. Was she blinded by love?? By money??? By rebound-ness????? Regardless of her reasons, they continued to get along swimmingly, and by the end of the date, they're back at her house and ready to make some love- except they weren't in love yet!! I know it's kind of silly to expect them to fall in love after not even a full day of knowing one another, but I was pretty anxious to see how fast they could take things- and I reckon Mary-Sue was too.

For some reason, even after woohooing the night away, and despite extremely high relationship scores on both ends, they still didn't seem to be falling in love with each other. Was she not over Daniel yet?? Was it just not meant to be with her and Mr. Big??? Despite the lack of music and pretty red hearts, their ridiculously high chemistry meant that I still got an option to propose to Mr. Big- to which he accepted. The whole time, Angela and Lilith were snoozing away after days of grinding away at scholarship-skill development, and Daniel was just chilling around the house in his bright blue underwear. He even chatted up Mr. Big at some point!! I expected them to be jealous of one another, but they either don't know or don't care. Lilith was there and awake for the proposal, though. They actually ended up proposing in her bedroom!! I think Mr. Big went up there to watch Lilith play bass??? Either way, it meant there was some background music to set the mood, even if it was punky teen background music. I saved and quit to the neighborhood shortly after that point, but I'm pretty excited to see how this plays out!!! That was a hell of a roller coaster for just a couple of days.
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