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Cutest Little PlumBob MTS Baby/Toddler Photo Contest for Sims 2, 3, and 4 - posted on 2nd Oct 2018 at 5:07 AM
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#8801 Old 10th Oct 2018 at 12:38 AM
@Elynda I've got a bunch of TS3 pictures I've never shared, although not all of it directly features Raelynn. There's also Jolene, Toni and their brother Stephen going off on a small adventure, and Liranda moving to California. x) As for TS2, the Scheilers Gen 5 is coming soonishly. I'm setting up some stuff for it now, and I'm almost ready to roll camera. Juuuuust a bit of CC to install. And you probably haven't seen the last of the Starblooms quite yet...

And if anyone wonders exactly how ugly I'm aiming to make Gen 5, here's a hint: This is the prettiest of the potential wives.
#8802 Old 10th Oct 2018 at 5:08 PM
Originally Posted by linesa
Good chap, Nat ^^

Well, the discussion between Roxxi and Tate could have been worse, so I guess it's fine ^^

And it's a good idea that she went to see Ed by herself, instead of just blindly believing what her husband say ^^

Thanks Roxxi is struggling with the dutiful wife role. She's also desperate to know what happened between Tate and Edward, but she's not getting that info any time soon, lol.
Originally Posted by TigerAnne
I'm not actually sure about Tate. He's definitely capable of murder, but we've never seen him physically torture his children, so as a parent he may actually lack a few points on being top-tier abusive. While he did kill his wife, his children didn't see it happening, and weren't supposed to know.

They did hear it, though.
Originally Posted by Ghost sdoj
Ok. But "Sell your daughter for an arranged marriage." has got to get him some points somewhere.

Originally Posted by Ghost sdoj
And allowing his son to be tortured when he could have stopped it.... Although I will grant that stopping it would have taken a lot more courage than most people have.

I don't hold him accountable over Tristan's torture, really. He wasn't aware of what was happening to him until after it was over. Sure, you could argue that he should never have promised him he wouldn't be hurt by Miles if he wasn't going to deal with him, but given how Tate's previous interaction with Miles went, plus Hazel's existence, I can't blame him for being wary.

When he did go over there following Tristan's torture, it was an impulse job that obviously went very, very wrong. Poor form for a hitman, and definitely not how he would have planned any of his other jobs. But it was personal, and he wasn't thinking straight. Kind of like Aria's attempt, actually.

If you meant Edward, then yep, he had the power there to stop it. He was given a clear choice. Of course, saving Edward and paying Miles off straight away wouldn't have stopped Miles from coming back, but he didn't know that. (I don't think anyone knew just how dedicated/obsessive Miles could be)
Originally Posted by Elynda
No, physical abuse is not Tate's style: that sort of thing leaves bruises, bruises get noticed and that would make him look like the bad guy. He's more your emotional abuse type. Typical of him to play the hurt feelings card and make Roxxi feel like she's in the wrong. Why is it that habitually deceitful people are always wondering why people don't trust them? Could be because they're not as clever as they make out, and not everybody else is that stupid. Roxxi certainly isn't.

Spot on analysis as usual I'm glad you said Roxxi isn't stupid. She certainly feels stupid a lot of the time, due to her low self-esteem. And of course, that benefits Tate.
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#8803 Old 13th Oct 2018 at 7:41 PM
Originally Posted by Tate
"I think you’re overreacting about this, Roxxi."
"But you have to consider, I ultimately have the final say, here."

Go fuck a cactus, Tate.

Stating the obvious here, but TigerAnne, your sim is absolutely glorious.

Will try to post again soon. I've been feeling under the weather lately.
#8804 Old 13th Oct 2018 at 10:31 PM
Originally Posted by OliverCrisp
TigerAnne, your sim is absolutely glorious.

Ha ha, thank you! I do hope one of the two heirs of this generation will pick her as the woman of his dreams! Although there's also a human eagle, a hammer-faced troll(!) and a woman with a seven-head in town, so she's got competition.

I hope you feel better soon!
#8805 Old Yesterday at 3:14 AM
Oh I can't wait to see those guys!

Simblr: Elyndaworld * Live Journal: Elandaer
#8806 Old Yesterday at 2:30 PM Last edited by TigerAnne : Yesterday at 2:49 PM.
Look under the spoiler for some pretty faces.

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#8807 Old Yesterday at 5:52 PM
I actually think Derex is the best looking of the bunch. (Although he could really stand to change the hairstyle and facial hair to minimize his ears a bit.)

I am Ghost. My husband is sidneydoj. I post, he downloads, and I wanted to keep my post count.
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#8808 Old Today at 12:56 AM
Daw, Buddy seems like a sweetheart! Although I am concerned about Seven's face; it appears to be melting right off her head.

I think I've got enough for a post today. I'll just slap this here and go back to screaming into my pillow over Hellbent.

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#8809 Old Today at 3:19 AM
I think he needs a unicorn army.

Also good giddy God Tigeranne, those are some sexy motherfuckers you've created.

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#8810 Old Today at 4:21 AM
@TigerAnne The first two remind me of people I've known. There was a boy at my school who had ears almost as huge as Derex. I used to have the desk behind him and was fascinated by the way the sun shone through them. Buddy reminds me of a teacher I had, who had such small eyes that when he closed them it looked like he hadn't any. Stacie puts me vaguely in mind of Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, always supposing they'd gotten their heads trapped in an industrial clothes press at some point. As for Eisley Jean: I wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley. She is scary!

@OliverCrisp Hold onto those childhood daydreams for grim death, whatever adult life my throw at you. "Incredible journeys of the mind" is right, and they're important. I may have had to accept that there are no such things as fairies (I'm still not entirely convinced) but I cherish the idea of them in my heart along with all the other things I have loved and dreamed of. Those things make us who we are.

Simblr: Elyndaworld * Live Journal: Elandaer
#8811 Old Today at 6:27 PM
I see Eisley Jean went for the Simblr look. :X

Oh boy, this update. I feel like I'm being repetitive here again. I feel like I do that a lot, actually. But Aria always needs a lot of persuasion when it comes to matters of her own mind.

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